Graduate Student Workshop

Environmental problems abound ranging from small-scale depletion of resources to changes in the global climate regime. However, it is now widely acknowledged that social-ecological systems are complex; where outcomes depend upon interactions among a wide range of social, ecological and institutional factors. The sustainable governance of common-pool resources is therefore a problem of considerable academic debate and practical importance.

The coding and collection of case studies into Large-n databases of the commons have made considerable contributions in this regard by allowing researchers to apply qualitative and quantitative analyses to understand the development and persistence of environmental governance systems. However, over the years a number of such databases (Fig. 1) have been developed and implemented with their own unique structures and protocols; limiting our ability to compare and generalize across databases and limiting potential synthesis of these data resources.

The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) will host a 3-1/2 day graduate student led workshop July 5-8, 2016, aimed at addressing this longstanding gap by bringing together experts and graduate students to better understand how the efforts of diverse research projects might be linked to develop useful knowledge about the sustainability of social-ecological systems. With a strong focus on graduate students, this workshop will:

*Leverage separate activities and gain an understanding of the current state of the cumulative data and data synthesis efforts; *Identify key factors and challenges involved in the coding and synthesis of datasets;

*Facilitate the identification of foundational common elements in the collection and coding of data; and

*Establish the goals and parameters necessary for the continuation of working groups which will engage in longer-term collaboration leading to more unified approaches, increased access to data, and practical applications.

Figure 1 - Matrix of Existing SES/CPR Databases