Details of the Workshops


The on-site workshop will be held July 5-8, 2016, at SESYNC in Annapolis, Maryland, and will meet daily from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. with a daily break for lunch. The last day, Friday July 8, will be a half-day and the workshop will officially conclude at 12:30pm.

1-day virtual min-workshops (VMW) will be scheduled in conjunction with the official co-leaders at each virtual host location and announced on the workshop web-site. Each potential hosting location must have a co-leader and primary point of contact who will work with the principal investigators to schedule and organize their virtual workshop. Only those interested in being a co-leader of a virtual workshop should complete the application, those interested in participating in a virtual mini-workshop should contact the co-leader(s) at their location. A list of scheduled VMWs and co-leader contact information will be included on this website. Anyone (grad. student, postdoc, faculty, etc.) may apply to be a co-leader of a virtual mini-workshop (VMW).

Fees and Expenses

There will be no fee to attend either the on-site or virtual mini-workshops. Most travel expenses, including airfare, accommodations, and some meals will be provided for on-site participants by SESYNC. No additional funding will be provided for virtual mini-workshops.


VMW co-leaders may also apply to participate in the on-site workshop but will need to assure that there is an additional co-leader at their location who can work virtually with SESYNC staff on July 6, 2016, to connect with the on-site workshop, present the results of their workshop, and facilitate participation in the panel and town hall discussions.

Current graduate students and postdocs may apply for participation in the on-site workshop using the on-line application. Applicants for the on-site workshop MUST also be willing to be a co-leader in organizing a virtual mini-workshop at their home university or organization, assuring that you are prepared for fully active participation during the on-site workshop, if selected.

Current faculty and/or professional practitioners should not apply for participation in the workshop. Because this workshop is focused on graduate students and postdocs as the emerging generation of researchers in this area, only a select group of up to ten experts will be invited to the workshop to represent the legacy of knowledge relating to each of the existing large-N databases. If you believe that you should be considered for one of these positions, please contact

Flow of Workshops

The online Invitation, Application and Survey will be open from February 15 - March 25, 2016. All applications are due no later than 5pm (EST) on March 25, 2016. Applicants will be notified of thier status by April 15, 2016.

Those applicants selected for participation in the on-site workshop in Annapolis will be contacted by SESYNC staff for confirmation and coordination of travel arrangements.

Virtual Mini-Workshops (VMW)

(left side of Figure 2 below)

VMWs will be coordinated between the Principal Investigators and the co-leaders for each location. All VMWs should be scheduled to take place between May 15 - July 1, 2016.

The teams from each VMW (V-groups) will prepare a 10-15 minute presentation of the results of their workshop that will be presented to all on-site and virtual participants via Skype on Day 2 (July 6, 2016) of the on-site workshop at SESYNC.

Following the V-group presentations, all virtual participants may also participate in the Panel and Town Hall Discussions along with all of the on-site participants.

VMW results will be combined with the results of the on-site workshop and VMW co-leaders will be contacted following the on-site workshop for voluntary inclusion in Working Groups, Reporting and Publications.

On-site Workshop at SESYNC - July 5-8, 2016

(right side of Figure 2 below)

Full Workshop Participants (accepted graduate students or post-docs), will participate in all activities shown in Figure 2 (below).

The on-site workshop will take place between 8am - 5pm each day, excepting Day 4 (Friday July 8, 2016) which will officially end at noon. Because this is a graduate student focused and graduate student led workshop, Day 1 and Day 4 are focused solely on this group so that they can help to frame the agenda, direction, and results of the workshop.

Selected expert participants will participate in the workshop on Day 2 and 3 (July 6-7, 2016), and may choose to stay for Day 4 (July 8, 2016) to participate in the formation of Working Groups and planning for future publications.

Working groups formed as a result of this workshop will coordinate with one another and will have some access to information and file sharing through SESYNC for a limited amount of time following the on-site workshop in order to establish further plans for coordination and collaboration amongst these groups as they proceed beyond the workshop.